The Ganaego Valley Gazetteer

Table of Contents

  1. People
    1. Family groups and key characters
    2. Individuals
  2. Businesses
  3. Institutions, Organizations, and Parks
  4. Towns and Other Communities
  5. Key to Cited Works

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The Ganaego Valley Gazetteer is and will always be a work-in-progress. The Gazetteer does not purport to be totally accurate, consistently organized, or comprehensive. Characters included are ones who have been named or who have speaking parts. If characters have been referred to by only a title, then they are cited here accordingly; likewise, if characters have but one name in the stories, they have but one name here. Any minor characters who have been omitted are welcome to sue. Like the residents of Ganaego, the Gazetteer is what it is.

Most recent update: December 17, 2015

The Gazetteer is organized in these sections:

  1. People
    1. Family groups and key characters associated with them – this section is the most idiosyncratic and arbitrary. The major families are represented along with certain characters important to their stories.
    2. Individuals – this section attempts to collect all named characters and a few who are not named but have speaking parts. Includes one cat and one dog.
  2. Businesses
  3. Institutions, Organizations, and Parks
  4. Towns and Other Communities
  5. Key to Cited Works

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1. People

1.1 Family Groups and Key Characters Associated with Them

The Bachelors, et al.

Audrey Bachelor
Ted Bachelor
Teddy Bachelor, Jr., elder son
Ralphie Bachelor, younger son

Antoinette “Nettie” Bachelor – Gunther’s wife, Ted and Rags’ mother
Matthew “Rags” Bachelor – Ted’s brother
Gunther Bachelor – Nettie’s husband, Ted’s father

Hugo Gillet – Nettie’s brother
Grandma Gillet – Nettie’s mother

Jonas and Helen Zobarskas – Audrey’s parents

The Gromekas

Jerry Gromeka – Sheila’s father
Millie Gromeka – Sheila’s mother
Sheila Gromeka – Ted Bachelor, Jr.’s first girlfriend

Loretta “Lori” Shaeffer – Ted Bachelor, Jr.’s second girlfriend
Dave Harris, Hector Ogg – Ted’s roadside stand friends
Rodney Hamm, branch manager, Ganaego National Bank and Trust

The Stahrenbergers, et al.

Franz Stahrenberger
Ellen Stahrenberger, Franz’s wife (nee Kaplan)
Jean, their son

Julius and Margaret (Peg), Franz’s parents
Tony Gladstone, Franz’s parents’ longstanding assistant
Avi and Gertie Kaplan, Ellen’s divorced parents
Penny and Marc Levinson, Ellen’s sister and brother-in-law
Max, Levinsons’ older son
Judy, Levinsons’ daughter
Aaron, Levinsons’ younger son
Aunt Stella and Uncle Sheldon, Ellen’s aunt and uncle
Bubbe Kaplan, Ellen’s grandmother
Grossvater Krause, Franz’s maternal grandfather

Douglas Hollander, Jean’s tormenter
Mr. Hollander, Doug’s father
Mr. Begley, Jean’s deceased piano teacher

The Woodsides

Charles “Charlie” Zacharias Woodside, Chancellor of Woodside College
Claire Woodside, Charlie’s sister
Pudge Woodside, Charlie’s son, Dean of Academic Affairs
Phineas Woodside, Charlie’s grandfather, founder of The Woodside Finishing School for the Social Graces
Zachary Woodside, Charlie’s father

The Thomases

Packard Thomas
Miss Thomas, Packard’s aunt
Devon, Packard’s deceased father

The Rankins, et al.

Charles “Charley” Rankin
Don Rankin, Charley’s father
Catherine Anne Thomas Rankin, Charley’s deceased mother
May Rankin, Charley’s paternal grandmother
Rory Rankin, Charley’s paternal grandfather
Llewelyn Thomas, Charley’s maternal grandfather
Haydee Larsen, Charley’s wife
Elizabeth “Libby” Larsen Rankin, Charley and Haydee’s daughter
Roseanne Thomas – sister of Catherine

Ruth (Tallulah), Charley’s first serious crush
Artie Langford, Link, Louis Fratini, Truman Withers, Charley’s gas station friends
Hoot Wilson, Thomas Quinlan, Charley’s steel mill friends
Ulrich Rayes, Charley’s Chicago friend

The Deviches, et al.

Sava Devich
Vanessa Devich, Sava’s divorced wife
Kenny Devich, their son
Judy Devich, Kenny’s separated wife
Brent, their son

Mary Elizabeth Davis Devich, Sava’s mother
Morey Simonian, their longstanding ward

Joe Reilly and his daughter
Harry Waterbury, founder of Waterbury Printery
Peg, Waterbury Printery typesetter
Gladys Wrenn, Ashport correspondent
Sully Ingham, paper distributor
Betty LaGrange
Mr. Flipovich, funereal director and his son, Harold
Big Luther, his son Little Luther
Wallace Prendergast
Mrs. Duggan

The Nicolais, et al.

Angelo Nicolai
The Little Cobbler – Angelo Nicolai’s father
Miranda Tully – Angelo Nicolai’s wife
Mr. T – Angelo Nicolai’s father-in-law
Gina – Angelo Nicolai’s sister
Stanley – Gina’s son, Angelo Nicolai’s nephew

The Stubbs, et al.

Pleasance Stubbs
Arthur Stubbs
Nicky, their nephew

Placido Lombardi, the Stubbs’ neighbor
Mr. and Mrs. Lombari, Placido’s mother and father

The Langfords, et al.

Trip Langford
April Langford, Trip’s wife
Amy Langford, Trip’s daughter
Artie, Trip’s older brother

Pat Carney
Marcy, Pat’s wife
Bunny Carney, Pat’s daughter

The Schumachers

Richard Schumacher – pastor of Ted Bachelor’s church
Paulette Schumacher – Richard’s deaf wife
Brenda, older daughter
Jessica, younger daughter, also deaf, mother of Derek Driscoll, companion to the boy’s father

The Namarians

Iris Pickering Namarian – wife of Sam, mother of Julie, George, Tom
Sam Namarian
Julie Namar
George Namarian – husband of Shelly’s mother
Tom Namarian
Tody Wolding – step-son of George, half-brother of Shelly
Shelly Narmarian – half-sister of Tody, daughter of George and granddaughter of Iris
Owen Namarian – Shelly’s son, great-grandson of Iris

Man in checked vest on train – Julie’s father

(Note: A Mr. Wolding and wife had a son, Tody; when Mr. Wolding died, his widow married George Namarian; they had a daughter, Shelly. When both George Namarian and his wife, the former Mrs. Wolding, died, Tody became the legal guardian of Shelly.)

The Silversteins

Harvey Silverstein
Caroline, Harvey’s first wife
Jenny, Harvey’s second wife

The Kovacs

Dr. Aliz Kovacs
Jan Kovacs, Aliz’s brother
Vidor Kovacs, Aliz’s father (his assumed name: Zoltan Balcaza)

The Zurlos

George B. Zurlo
His wife
Walter “Buster,” their son

The Bashirs, et al.

His mother, father
Boys who tormented him: Bobby O’Sullivan, Eddie Doyle, Thanos, Frederick, Ivan Romanov
Meredith Bernstock, Bashir’s girlfriend
The Nelsons, Dennis Nelson and his father

The Begleys

Maurice Begley
Adele, his divorced wife
Patricia (Trisha), their daughter
Megan, Randal, baby, Trisha’s children

The Kertészs, et al.

Roza, his wife
Sándor (Sandy), their elder son
Adam, their younger son
Baby, Sandy’s sister
Uncle Alfred, Gergo’s brother
Grand Uncle Izsak
Aunt Gisella
Amália, Sandy’s cousin
Grand Uncle Balazs
Aunt Dorottya
Jan, Sandy’s cousin

William J. Pennsystone, their neighbor
The Masons, Ronald Mason, Gergo’s boss, his wife

The Vanderhelms, et al.

Peter Vanderhelm, son
Father, mother

Shelly Rumsfield, Peter’s girlfriend
Bobby Rumsfield, Shelly’s brother
Helen Rumsfield, Shelly’s sister
Lloyd Ross and his wife, owners of the art supplies store
Henry Stellwagen, owner of Stellwagen’s
Dennis Kaminski, reporter

The Paczkowskis, et al.

Darlene Paczkowski – assistant head librarian, then acting head librarian, then assistant again
Her father, her deceased mother

Fanny and Dominic, Darlene’s friends

The Sanguedolces

Peter Sanguedolce
Vicky Kostas, Peter’s first wife
Avis Longstreet, Peter’s second wife
Jeanette, daughter of Peter and Avis

Fatty Sanguedolce, Peter’s grandfather
Steve Sanguedolce, Peter’s father
Olivia Sanguedolce, Peter’s mother
Nico Sanguedoclce, Peter’s uncle, organist at Ganaego Roller Rink

Elliott Fields, Avis’s second husband

1.2 Individuals

  1. Adelaide (“Addy”) – checkout clerk, T&V (S)
  2. Agostino – barber (S)
  3. Amália – Sandy Kertész’s cousin (MMC)
  4. Mrs. Ames – English teacher, Anderson High (S)
  5. Mr. Babineau – piano tuner and shop owner (CCT)
  6. Baby – daughter of Trisha, granddaughter of Maurice Begley (QMW)
  7. Antoinette “Nettie” Bachelor – wife of Gunther, mother of Ted and Rags (S) (RG) (TAM) (IW)
  8. Audrey Bachelor – wife of Ted, daughter of Jonas and Helen Zobarskas, mother of Ted, Jr., and Ralphie (S) (RC) (RG) (RB) (S-S) (TAM)
  9. Gunther Bachelor – husband of Nettie, father of Rags and Ted (S) (RG) (TAM)
  10. Lily Bachelor – wife of Ted Bachelor, Jr., mother of Emmie and Noah (RB)
  11. Matthew “Rags” Bachelor – son of Nettie and Gunther, brother of Ted (RG) (S) (RB) (TAM)
  12. Noah Bachelor – youngest child of Ted, Jr., and Lily (RB)
  13. Ralphie Bachelor – younger son of Ted and Audrey (S) (RG) (S-S)
  14. Ted Bachelor – son of Nettie and Gunther, husband of Audrey, father of Ted, Jr., and Ralphie (S) (RG) (QMW) (S-S) (TAM)
  15. Ted “Teddy” Bachelor, Jr. – elder son of Ted and Audrey, husband of Lily, father of daughter by Lori Schaeffer and Emmie and Noah by Lily (S) (RG) (RB) (S-S) (RB)
  16. Billie Barnes – owner of cottages in New Jersey, friend of Nettie Bachelor (S)
  17. Bartender – Lennox Hotel lounge (WM)
  18. Bartkiewicz – employee, T&V (RB)
  19. Mrs. Bartkiewicz – client of Shelly Namarian has a nephew works in T&V (TD)
  20. Bashir – former bookshop owner (CC)
  21. Beata – tin flopper (S-S)
  22. Gee Bee’s toy department clerk – (S)
  23. Jimmy Beeker – childhood friend of Mr. Cowperwaithe (S)
  24. Adele Begley – divorced wife of Maurice Begley (QMW) (CCT)
  1. Maurice Begley – divorced husband of Adele, father to Patricia, grandfather to Megan, Randal, and baby, music teacher, Oak Grove Music School (CCT) (QMW)
  2. Bennie, tailor at Sydney’s (CCT)
  3. Bernice, friend of Helen Zobarskas (S)
  4. Meredith Bernstock – Bashir’s girlfriend (CC)
  5. Billy – taxi driver (S)
  6. Bonnie Birdsong – Waterbury Printery customer (MLFS)
  7. The Bjorklunds – neighbors of Nettie Bachelor (S)
  8. Dottie Blessington, her family and parents, the Blessingtons – Third Hill neighbors of Audrey Bachelor (S)
  9. Bob – Gertie Kaplan’s mailman (CCT) (SS)
  10. Boles, subforeman, pusher in blast furnace department (S)
  11. Fredrick Booth III, founder of steel mill, his daughter (S) (DFT)
  12. Jimmy Boswell – Buick dealer (SP) (WM) (MLFS)
  13. Brenner – husband of Violet, friend of Paul, the lonely giant (LPC)
  14. Bridget – member of Ganaego First Congregational Church choir (QMW)
  15. Lynne Bristow – Woodside College student (CCT)
  16. Lt. Oliver Brown – policeman, Creighton (SP)
  17. Mrs. Brown – Mr. T’s housekeeper (DVB)
  18. Chester “Chip” Burrows – head librarian (DFT)
  19. Norbert Butterworth – student, Taft Elementary School, son of Vern and later partner in Butterworth’s Memorial Chapel (PLF)
  20. Vern Butterworth – owner of Butterworth’s Memorial Chapel, father of Norbert (HPR)
  21. Donna Cabot – wife of William, daughter of Izzy Cabot (S)
  22. Hadley Cabot – son of Izzy Cabot, brother of Donna (S)
  23. Issac “Izzy” Cabot – senior metallurgist in steelworks (S) (RG)
  24. Mrs. Cabot – wife of Izzy, mother of Hadley and Donna (S)
  25. Mickey Cannan – Packard car dealer (S) (MLFS)
  26. Bunny Carney – daughter of Pat and Marcy Carney, office assistant at Oak Grove Music School (A8) (S)
  1. Marcy Carney – married to Pat Carney, mother of daughter, Bunny, and son (A8) (S-S)
  2. Pat Carney – husband of Marcy, father of Bunny and son, friend of Trip Langford (A8) (S-S)
  3. Mr. Chambers – psychologist, Anderson High School (S)
  4. Mrs. Chambers – customer, Bashir’s book store (CC)
  5. Julie Chen – teacher, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (S)
  6. Cheryl – Ellen Stahrenberger’s therapist (CCT)
  7. Chuck – divorced husband of Trisha (QMW)
  8. Mazi Claprood – Audrey’s coworker in bank (S) (RC) (S-S)
  9. Billy Clauston, HVAO expert (DFT)
  10. Mrs. Cleveland – piano teacher, Oak Grove Music School (WM)
  11. Molly Collins – Washington friend of Iris Pickering (NTW)
  12. Paolo Colorusso – butcher, T&V (RB)
  13. Janet Considine – director of admissions, Wilfred Hall Academy (WM)
  14. Mr. Cooper – neighbor the Thomases’, Charley Rankin’s paternal grandparents (PTL)
  15. Mr. Corwin – administrator, Frederick M. Gilvan School for the Mentally Retarded, South Kensington, (S) (RG)
  16. Ortensia Costello – owner of Costello Real Estate (CCT) (HPR) (MKC) (SS)
  17. Molly Cowperwaithe – wife of Peter Cowperwaithe (S)
  18. Peter “Petey” Cowperwaithe – husband of Molly, president, Ganaego National Bank and Trust (S)
  19. Dana Cozma – student at Jule Namar’s ballet school (DLS)
  20. Marcia Davenport – Ted and Audrey Bachelor’s marriage counselor (S)
  21. Mr. Davenport – boarder at Thomases’ (Charley Rankin’s maternal grandparents) (PRL)
  22. Judge Davis – state judge (WM)
  23. Mary Elizabeth Davis Devich – married to Marko Devich, mother of Sava, guardian of Morey Simonian (MLFS) (S)
  24. Larry DeAngelis – plant manager, Tech-Mold (S)
  25. Mr. Del Greco – customer, Ganaego National Bank and Trust (S) (RC)
  26. The DeSipios, neighbors of Bashir (CC)
  27. Paul Devaney – childhood friend of Ted Bachelor, owner of insurance agency (S)
  1. Brent Devich – son of Kenny and Judy Devich, grandson of Sava (MLFS)
  2. Judy Devich – Kenny Devich’s estranged wife, mother of Brent (MLFS)
  3. Kenny Devich – married to Judy, son of Sava and Vanessa (TC) (MLFS)
  4. Marko Devich – married to Mary Elizabeth, father of Sava, guardian of Morey Simonian (MLFS)
  5. Sava Devich – ex-husband of Vanessa, father of Kenny, grandfather of Brent, owner of Waterbury Printery (MLFS) (CU) (TC)
  6. Vanessa Devich (nee Shotsinger) – ex-wife of Sava, mother of Kenny (TC) (MLFS)
  7. Diane – secretary at Khederian Security Systems (PL)
  8. Director – Frederick M. Galvan School for the Mentally retarded (S) (RG)
  9. Director – Sprague Hollow Nursing Home and Retirement Center (WM)
  10. Dmitri – Jacob Hoffmann’s dog (WM)
  11. Dominic – married to Fanny, friends of Darlene Paczkowski (DFT)
  12. Dorottya “Dora” (nee Kertész) – tip flopper, aunt of Sandy Kertész (MMC) (S-S)
  13. Skeet Dorsey – foreman of labor gang in Tin Mill (S)
  14. Eddie Doyle – childhood tormentor of Bashir (CC)
  15. Derek Driscoll – son of Jessica Schumacher, boy killed in G. C. Murphy fire, survived by his father and mother (DFT)
  16. Mrs. Duggan – neighbor of Mary Elizabeth and Morey (MLFS)
  17. Mr. DuPere – Principal, Anderson Township High (S)
  18. Dwight – member of Ganaego First Congregational Church choir (QMW)
  19. Efrieda – hotel clerk, State College, PA (WM)
  20. Zachery Ellis – owner of hardware on Plan Thirteen (MLFS)
  21. Phyllis Ennis – Woodside College, English Department chair (CCT) (WFS)
  22. Edward – resident at East Stanton Junction Group home (S)
  23. Fanny – married to Dominic, friends of Darlene Paczkowski (DFT)
  24. Urban Farmer – Roosevelt Avenue (WM)
  25. Baldwin Feeney – guard, Ganaego Clay Works (WM)
  26. Tommasco “Tommy” Ferrara – brother of Virgil, co-owner of T&V Supermarket and chief butcher (S) (CCT) (MLFS) (RC) (PLF) (RB)
  1. Virgil Ferrara – brother of Tommy, co-owner of T&V Supermarket and office manager (S) (CCT) (MLFS) (RC) (PLF) (RB)
  2. Gina Ferraro – Chancellor Charlie Woodside’s secretary (S) (CCT) (WFS)
  3. Elliott Fields – second husband of Avis Longstreet, stepfather of Jeanette (WM)
  4. Mr. Finlay – shop teacher, Ganaego High School, lover of Judith Hoffmann (WM)
  5. Benjamin Fischman – son of Max and Velia, brother of Saul and Zeke (VCL)
  6. Marsha Fischman – granddaughter of Max and Velia Fischman (VCL)
  7. Max Fischman – owner of Fischman’s Jewelry and Small Appliances, husband of Velia, father of Saul, Benjamin, and Zeke (S) (CCT) (MMC) (WFS) (VCL) (DLS) (S-S)
  8. Saul Fischman – son of Max and Velia, brother of Benjamin and Zeke (VCL)
  9. Velia Fischman – wife of Max, mother of Saul, Benjamin, and Zeke, killed in Vietnam (VCL)
  10. Zeke Fischman – son of Max and Velia, brother of Saul and Benjamin, killed in Vietnam (VCL)
  11. Harold Flipovich – son of Mr. Flipovich, mortician (MLFS)
  12. Mr. Flipovich – owner, Flipovich Mortuary
  13. Florence – Ganaego Hospital nurse (CCT)
  14. Maintenance Foreman – Ganaego Clay Works (WM)
  15. Rocco Fortunato – notorious Ganaego gangster (DVB)
  16. Louis Fratini – friend of Charley Rankin, killed in car accident (SLDM)
  17. Fred and his twin sister – attendants, service station, Snow Shoe, PA (WM)
  18. Frederick – childhood tormentor of Bashir (CC)
  19. Douglas Freysinger’s father – (S)
  20. Eddie Friedman – owner of furniture store (S) (RG)
  21. William Gallagher – carpenter (VCL)
  22. Dellmore George – church organist, Ganaego First Congregational Church (PLF)
  23. Dr. Giannetta – retinal specialist (HI)
  24. Mrs. Gibbs – owner, the Living Center (S) (RG)
  25. Grandma Gillet – Nettie Bachelor’s mother (S)
  26. Hugo Gillet – brother of Nettie Bachelor (S)
  27. Gina – Angelo Nicolai’s sister, mother of Stanley (DVB)
  1. Driscoll girl – childhood friend of Franz Stahrenberger (CCT) (WFS)
  2. McCarthy girl – student at Mrs. Gibbs’ Living Center (S) (RG)
  3. Gisella – aunt of Sandy and Adam Kertész (MMC)
  4. Gizi – tin flopper (S-S)
  5. Tony Gladstone – longstanding assistant, Stahrenberger’s Chocolates (CCT) (WFS) (MC)
  6. Dolores Gleason – daughter of Nelson Gleason (RC) (S)
  7. Nelson Gleason – founder of Gleason’s English Shoes (CCT) (VCL)
  8. Rutherford Golightly – volunteer, US Army (TC)
  9. Mr. Grincavich, father of Harold (MLFS)
  10. Jerry Gromeka – owner of heating and ventilation company, married to Millie, father of Sheila (S) (CCT)
  11. Millie Gromeka – wife of Jerry Gromeka, mother of Sheila (S)
  12. Sheila Gromeka – daughter of Jerry and Millie, girlfriend of Ted Bachelor, Jr. (S) (S-S)
  13. Hakim and his wife and son, Kamal – proprietors of New Hope Inn (WM)
  14. Brad Halbrunner and his wife, Fay – neighbors of Peter Sanguedolce (W-M) (WM)
  15. Fay Halbrunner and her husband, Brad – neighbors of Peter Sanguedolce (W-M) (WM)
  16. Mr. Halley – Iris Pickering’s boss in Washington (NTW)
  17. Rodney Hamm, his wife and twin daughters – manager of Crocker Farms Branch, Ganaego National Bank and Trust (S) (RC) (S-S)
  18. Dave Harris – friend of Ted Bachelor, owner of The Onion Cart (S)
  19. Katherine Harris – wife of Dave Harris (S)
  20. Mr. Harris – Dave Harris’s father (S)
  21. Maxine Hasher – wife of Ted (MSS)
  22. Ted Hasher – husband of Maxine (MSS)
  23. Donny Hastings III – Woodside student (CCT)
  24. Mrs. Hayden – Audrey Bachelor’s neighbor (S)
  25. Joe Henderson – attorney (MM)
  26. Miss Marion Herrick – former ballet school owner (DLS)
  27. Tyler Hodge – assistant manager, T&V (RB)
  28. Jacob Hoffmann – music teacher (clarinet), , Oak Grove Music School, his wife and daughter, neighbors of Peter Sanguedolce (W-M) (RC) (S) (WM)
  1. Judith Hoffmann – daughter of Jacob and Leah (WM)
  2. Leah Hoffmann – wife of Jacob, mother of Judith (WM)
  3. Douglas Hollander and his father – Doug is Jean Stahrenberger’s tormentor (CCT) (WFS)
  4. Fred Hoover – funeral director (S)
  5. Fred Hoover’s assistant – (S)
  6. Sandy Horn – died of heart attack in Gee Bee’s, whose Sunday School class Audrey Bachelor takes over (S)
  7. Judy Van Horst – member of First Congregational Church choir (QMW)
  8. Heidi Ingelfinger – part-time teller at Ganaego National Bank and Trust (S)
  9. Sully Ingham – paper distributor (MLFS)
  10. Issac – clerk at Sydney’s (CCT)
  11. Grand Uncle Izsak Kertész – Sandy’s grand uncle (MMC)
  12. Mr. J.P. Morgan – enormous caramel-colored cat who prowls Max Fischman’s windows (CCT) (VCL)
  13. Jan – cousin of Sandy Kertész (MMC)
  14. Sarah Jane Litchfield – wife of Peach, mother of Bonnie and two sons (VCL)
  15. Jenny – second wife of Harvey Silverstein (MM) (WM)
  16. Joe and Ed – movers (WM)
  17. Alan Kalousdian – anesthesiologist at Ganaego Hospital (SP)
  18. Dennis Kaminski – reporter for the Daily Citizen Chronicle (SGB) (MLFS)
  19. Avi Kaplan – divorced husband of Gertie and father of Ellen Stahrenberger (CCT) (S)
  20. Bubbe Kaplan – Ellen Stahrenberger’s grandmother (CCT)
  21. Gertie Kaplan – divorced wife of Avi, mother of Ellene Stahrenberger (CCT) (SS)
  22. Lillian Kattlove – owner of yardage shop (MKC)
  23. Tommy Keating – security guard, Khederian Security (S)
  24. Albert “Bertie” Keezer – owner of insurance agency, husband of Vivian (S) (RG)
  25. Vivian Keezer – wife of Bertie (S)
  26. Sara Kennedy – Oak Grove Music School secretary (S) (CCT)(QMW)
  27. Brice Kerby’s mother (S)
  28. Mr. Kershaw – teacher, mechanical design, Ganaego High School (A8)
  29. Adam Kertész – middle child of Gergo and Roza Kertész (MMC)
  1. Alfred Kertész – brother of Gergo and uncle of Sandy and Adam (MMC)
  2. Baby Kertész – Sandy Kertész’ baby sister (MMC)
  3. Grand Uncle Balazs Kertész – Sandy’s grand uncle (MMC)
  4. Gergo Kertész – husband of Roza, father of Sandy, Adam, and baby (MMC)
  5. Roza Kertész – wife of Gergo, mother of Sandy, Adam, and baby (MMC)
  6. Sándor “Sandy” Kertész – son of Gergo and Roza, brother of Aaron and baby (MMC)
  7. Andreas Khederian – owner of Khederian Security Systsems, husband of Birdie, son of Phil (PL)
  8. Birdie Khederian – wife of Andreas (PL)
  9. Phil Khederian – owner, Khederian Security, father of Andreas (S) (PL)
  10. Mr. Klitzman – owner, Klitzman’s Cleaners (S) (MLFS) (CCT)
  11. Terry Knox – boy killed in automobile accident (HI)
  12. Billy Koller – childhood friend of Catherine Thomas (mother of Charley Rankin), killed in WW II (PTL)
  13. Brook Kongal, VP public programs, Corporate Sagacity Systems (NTS)
  14. Victoria “Vicky” Kostas – Peter Sanguedolce’s first wife (WM)
  15. Dr. Aliz Kovacs – surgeon at Ganaego Hospital (SP) (PLF)
  16. Jan Kovacs – brother of Aliz, died of overdose (SP)
  17. Krisztina Kovacs – wife of Victor (Zoltan Balcazar), mother of Aliz and Jan (SP)
  18. Vidor Kovacs (alias Zoltan Balcaza) – missing father of Aliz Kovacs (SP)
  19. Mrs. Kraft – client of Shelly Namarian (TD)
  20. Grossvater Krause – Franz Stahrenberger’s paternal grandfather (CCT) (MC)
  21. Eddie Kunz – owner of bar (S)
  22. Betty LaGrange – nurse, Ganaego Hospital, choir director, Mount Calvary Zionist Baptist Church, childhood friend of Sava Devich (MLFS)
  23. Amy Langford – Trip and April Langford’s daughter (A8)
  24. April Langford – wife of Trip Langford (A8)
  25. Artie Langford – older brother of Trip (SLDM) (A8)
  26. Trip Langford – husband of April, father of Bunny, brother of Artie (A8)
  27. Figgy Larkspur – Sunday School Superintendent, Ganaego First Congregational Church (S) (QMW)
  1. Elizabeth “Libby” Larsen Rankin – daughter of Charley and Haydee (CH) (NTS) (SS)
  2. Haydee Larsen – wife of Charley Rankin, mother of Libby (CH) (NTS) (HPR) (SS)
  3. Marion Laymen – wife of Ridley (CCT)
  4. Ridley Laymen – husband of Marion, teacher, Classics Department, Woodside College (CCT)
  5. Mr. Lessard – principal, Ganaego High School (DLS)
  6. Phillip Levine – Woodside College student (CCT)
  7. Aaron Levinson – youngest son of Penny and Marc Levinson (CCT) (WFS)
  8. Judy Levinson – second child of Penny and Marc Levinson (CCT)
  9. Marc Levinson – corporate attorney, married to Penny, father of Max, Judy, Aaron (CCT) (WFS)
  10. Penny Levinson – wife of Marc, mother of Max, Judy, Aaron, sister of Ellen (CCT) (WFS)
  11. Christian Lichester – security guard, Khederian Security (S)
  12. Mrs. Lindsey – client of Shelly Namarian (TD)
  13. Link – friend of Artie Langford (SLDM)
  14. Bonnie Litchfield – daughter of Peach and Sarah Jane (VCL)
  15. Peach Litchfield – husband of Sarah Jane, father of Bonnie and two sons, employee of Max Fischman (VCL)
  16. The Little Cobbler – Angelo Nicolai’s father, owner of shoe repair shop
  17. Wesley “Wes” Littlewood, Jr. – owner of Littlewoods’ Pharmacy, son of founder, Wesley, Sr. (CCT) (DFT) (DLS)
  18. Teddie Livingston – member of Ganaego First Congregational Church choir (QMW)
  19. Gail Lockhart – student, Woodside (CCT)
  20. Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi – parents of Placido, neighbors of Pleasance and Arthur Stubbs (PLF)
  21. Placido Lombardi – son of Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi, neighbors of Pleasance and Arthur Stubbs (PLF)
  22. Sonny Longo – laborer in Tin Mill, coworker of Ted Bachelor (S)
  23. Tina Longstreet – teacher, Taft Elementary (PLF)
  24. Dolores Love – Woodside College librarian (CCT) (WFS)
  25. The Lovegroves – neighbors of Nettie Bachelor (S)
  26. Marty Lundstrom – instructor at Ganaego Community College (WFS)
  27. Paul Lunner – anesthesiologist, Ganaego Hospital (SP)
  1. Big Luther – father of Little Luther, Waterbury Printery employee (MLFS)
  2. Little Luther – son of Big Luther, worker at Waterbury Printery (MLFS)
  3. Mabel – Tony Gladstone’s girlfriend (CCT)
  4. Mabel – member of Ganaego First Congregational Church choir (QMW)
  5. Dottie MacDonald – friend of Patricia Begley (QMW)
  6. Jim MacDonald – printer (MLFS)
  7. Captain Alan Mackenzie – Ganaego Police Chief (S) (VCL)
  8. Deana Mackenzie – Captain Mackenzie’s mother (S)
  9. Mr. Malovich and his wife – bus driver, party-wall neighbors of Gunther and Nettie Bachelor (TAM) (S)
  10. Mrs. Malovich – Nettie Bachelor’s neighbor (S) (TAM)
  11. Manager – service station, Snow Shoe, PA (WM)
  12. Mario – Hotel Briggs barber (S)
  13. Rena Martin – lover of Charley Rankin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin (SS)
  14. Mrs. Mason – wife of Ronald (MMC)
  15. Ronald Mason – and his wife, manager of Purchasing Department, for whom Gergo Kertész works (MMC)
  16. The McKees – Plan Thirteen family, daughter a clerk at Pitzele’s (S)
  17. Danny McKinnon – son of Ralph and Sal, owner of McKinnon’s Mobil (RB)
  18. Ralph McKinnon and his wife, Sal – owners, McKinnon’s Mobil, parents of Danny (S) (CCT) (SLDM) (TC) (RB)
  19. Fadi McMullen – childhood friend of Franz Stahrenberger (CCT (WFS)
  20. Mechanic – Two Wheels and a Dream (WM)
  21. Megan – daughter of Trisha, granddaughter of Maurice Begley (QMW)
  22. Mel – friend of Tody Wolding and lover of Shelly Namarian (TD)
  23. Dr. Merrill – oncologist, Pittsburgh Memorial (S)
  24. Junk Metal Collectors – (WM)
  25. Mickey – manager, Human Resources, Tech-Mold (S)
  26. The Milanoviches – neighbors of Nettie Bachelor (S)
  27. Philomela Milonas – secretary in mill (S)
  28. Philomela Milonas’ boyfriend – (S)
  29. Sandra Monzi – wife of man who murdered their child and child’s nanny (MM)
  1. Barry Morganthal – contractor, developer (HPR)
  2. Mrs. Moscardelli – neighbor of Nettie Bachelor (S)
  3. Bashir’s mother (CC)
  4. Mr. Pomerantz – geography teacher, Anderson High School (HPR)
  5. Dr. Rupa Mudaliar – Ganaego Hospital emergency room physician (S) (QMW) (SP) (RB)
  6. Nam – pupil, Wilfred Hall Academy (WM)
  7. Julie Namar – owner of Julie Namar’s Ballet and Dance Studio, daughter of Sam and Iris Namarian, sister of George and Tom, aunt of Shelly Narmarian, step-aunt of Tody Wolding (DLS) (TD) (MKC)
  8. George Namarian, son of Iris and Sam, brother of Tom and Julie Namar, father of Shelly, married Tody Wolding’s mother, becoming Tody’s stepfather (MKC) (DLS)
  9. Iris Pickering Namarian – wife of Sam, former secretary in Washington, mother of Julie Namar, George and Tommy Namarian, brother to Randy, grandmother of Shelly and great-grandmother of Owen (NTW) (DLS)
  10. Owen Namarian – son of Shelly (TD)
  11. Sam Namarian – husband of Iris, adoptive father of Julie Namar, father of George and Tom (DLS)
  12. Shelly Namarian – founder of Your Loving Daughter, half-sister of Tody, mother of Owen (MKC) (TD) (QMW)
  13. Tom Namarian – son of Iris and Sam, brother of George and Julie Namar (DLS) (S-S)
  14. Nash and Muriel – two Anderson Township police officers (S) (CCT)
  15. Dennis Nelson – son of Mr. Nelson, owner of Nelsons’ Real Estate and town building inspector (CC) (DFT) (DLS)
  16. Mr. Nelson – father of Dennis, founder of Nelson Real Estate (CC) (DLS) (DFT)
  17. Benjamin Nessanbaum and his family, including his daughter – neighbors of Nettie Bachelor (S)
  18. Neville – Ganaego Hospital nurse (CCT)
  19. Perry Newhart – chief engineer, Ganaego Clay Works (WM)
  20. Nicky – Pleasance and Arthur Stubbs’ nephew (PLF)
  21. Angelo Nicolai – son of the Little Cobbler, husband of Miranda Tully, uncle of Stanley (DVB)
  22. Mrs. Nielsen – mother of VerDean, trainer for Corporate Sagacity Systems (NTS)
  23. VerDean Nielsen – trainer for Corporate Sagacity Systems (NTS)
  1. Nina – assistant to Rollie Schuster, T&V (RB)
  2. Norm – Member of Ganaego First Congregational Church choir (QMW)
  3. Mr. Novosielski – algebra teacher, Anderson High (S)
  4. Bobby O’Sullivan – childhood tormentor of Bashir (CC)
  5. Hector Ogg – related to Dave Harris, works at The Onion Cart (S)
  6. Aunt Olga – aunt of Julius Stahrenberger (MC)
  7. Father Opsatnick – priest, St. Ursula’s (S) (CCT) (S-S) (MKC) (MC) (RG) (S-S) (TD)
  8. Darlene Paczkowski – assistant head librarian, then acting head librarian, then assistant again, Frederick Booth Memorial Library (S) (DFT) (SGB)
  9. Patricia “Trish” (nee Begley), her children Megan, Randal, baby – daughter of Maurice and Adele (QMW) (CCT)
  10. Paul – the lonely giant (LPC)
  11. Pearl – New York cousin of Meredith Bernstock (CC)
  12. “Mr. Peeps” – employment counselor (S)
  13. Peg – typesetter, Waterbury Printery (MLFS)
  14. Judge Pendleton – retired appellate judge (CC)
  15. Penelope – teacher at Taft Elementary (PLF)
  16. William J. Pennystone – laborer, neighbor of Kertész family (MMC)
  17. Bonnie Petrotoulos, Woodside typing teacher (now Medical Coding and Keyboarding) (CCT)
  18. Phil – taxi dispatcher (S)
  19. Randy Pickering – brother to Iris (NTW)
  20. Hershel Pinsker –Community College, Dean of Arts and Sciences (CCT) (WFS)
  21. Little Willy Piquemal – sailed in his coffin into Mary Stookey’s dining room (S)
  22. Walt Pitzele, Jr. – owner of Pitzele’s, son of founder, Walt, Sr. (S) (CCT) (MKC) (MMC)
  23. Alvy Plüddermann – attorney, son of Joseph (TD)
  24. Joseph Plüddermann – Former owner of the Hotel Himmellsbach, father of Alvy (TD) (S)
  25. Anne Plumley – childhood friend of Audrey Bachelor (S)
  26. Astrid Plummer – president, Women’s Civic Association (S)
  27. Father Pollard – priest, St. Ursula’s (MMC)
  1. Tillie Pomerantz and her son – Gertie Kaplan’s neighbors (CCT)
  2. Virginia Poorman – caseworker (MKC)
  3. Wallace Prendergast – retired Waterbury Printery pressman (MLFS)
  4. John Pruce – employee, Ganaego Clay Works (WM)
  5. Thomas Quinlan – laborer in Tin Mill, coworker of Charley Rankin (TC) (CU)
  6. Beth Ann Quinn, trainer for Corporate Sagacity Systems (NTS)
  7. Sam Rackowski – president, Ganaego steelworkers union (S-S)
  8. Randal– son of Trisha, grandson of Maurice Begley (QMW)
  9. Catherine  Anne Thomas Rankin – married to Donald Rankin, mother of Charley (SLDM) (CU) (TC) (INT) (PTL) (PRL)
  10. Charles “Charley” Rankin – husband of Haydee, father of Libby, son of Donald and Catherine, grandson of May (CU) (INT) (TC) (SLDM) (CCT) (PTL) (CH) (HPR) (SS)(NTS)
  11. Donald Rankin – Charley Rankin’s father, married to Catherine (SLDM) (CU) (TC) (INT) (PTL) (CH) (HPR) (NTS)
  12. May Rankin – wife of Rory, mother of Donald, paternal grandmother of Charley (SLDM) (CU) (TC)
  13. Rory Rankin – husband of May, father of Donald, paternal grandfather of Charley (PTL) (TC)
  14. Monique Ratzburg – trainer for Corporate Sagacity Systems (NTS)
  15. Ulrich Rayes – substitute teacher in Chicago, friend of Charley Rankin (CH)
  16. Razio – foreman, Welded Tube Department (S-S)
  17. Joe Reilly and his daughter – farmer in Rose Township (MLFS)
  18. Pastor Richard Schumacher – pastor, Ganaego First Congregational Church, husband of Paulette, father of Brenda and Jessica (S) (QMW)
  19. Mrs. Robb – former head librarian, Frederick Booth Memorial Library (S) (DFT)
  20. Percy Robbins – trainer for Corporate Sagacity Systems (NTS)
  21. Harold Robinson – Ralph McKinnon’s longstanding mechanic (S) (SLDM) (MKC)
  22. Loretta Rodale – teacher at Taft Elementary (PLF)
  23. Ivan Romanov – childhood friend of Bashir (CC)
  24. Mrs. Romanov – resident, North Ganaego (MLFS)
  1. Aunt Rosaline – aunt of Julius Stahrenberger (MC)
  2. Aunt Roseanne – aunt of Charley Rankin (NTS)
  3. Mr. Roseberry – neighbor of Miss Thomas, part-time employer of Packard (CCT)
  4. Ester Von Rosenberg – resident of Creighton (SP)
  5. Lloyd Ross and his wife – owners of art supplies store and dry cleaning outlets (SGB) (S) (MM) (S-S) (WM)
  6. Mrs. Ross – wife of Lloyd, co-owner of Art Supplies Store (SGB)
  7. Ross – Smitty’s boss (S)
  8. Lou Rossi, his wife – former owner of printing business (MLFS)
  9. Tony Rubio – manager, steelworks (S)
  10. Bobby Rumsfield – brother of Shelly and Helen (SGB)
  11. Helen Rumsfield – sister of Shelly Rumsfield (SGB)
  12. Shelly Rumsfield – sister of Helen and Bobby, girlfriend of Peter Vanderhelm (SGB)
  13. Ruth “Tallulah” – friend of Charley Rankin (SLDM) (CU) (TC) (HPR)
  14. Leigh Saint John – Woodside College, marketing instructor, then Dean of Academic Affairs (CCT) (WFS)
  15. Samanth “Sam” – receptionist, Fields and Longstreet, attorneys (WM)
  16. Sami – young assistant in Fyodor Zimin’s bicycle shop (OWH)
  17. Mr. Sanborne – customer, Ganaego National Bank and Trust (S) (S-S)
  18. Sandra – Granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi (PLF)
  19. Avis Longstreet Sanguedolce – ex-wife of Peter, mother of Jeanette (W-M) (WM)
  20. Franco “Fatty” Sanguedolce – pianist for cigar factory, father of organist of Ganaego Roller Rink, grandfather of Peter, teacher of Franz Stahrenberger (CCT) (W-M) (WM)
  21. Jeanette Sanguedolce – daughter of Peter and Avis Sanguedolce (W-M) (WM)
  22. Nico Sanguedolce – son of Fatty, brother of Steve, uncle of Peter, organist, Ganaego Roller Rink (WM)
  23. Olivia Sanguedolce – wife of Steve, mother of Peter (WM)
  24. Peter Sanguedolce – divorced husband of Vicky Kostas and Avis Longstreet, father of Jeanette, son of Steve, grandson of Fatty Sanguedolce (W-M) (WM)
  1. Stephano “Steve” Sanguedolce – son of Fatty, brother of Nico, husband of Olivia, father of Peter, owner, Ganaego Clay Works (WM)
  2. Minnie Sawyer – deceased member of Ganaego First Congressional Church (QMW)
  3. Mrs. Scalfani – principal, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (S)
  4. Dale Schoolcraft – former husband of Maddy, father of Ethan (HI)
  5. Ethan Schoolcraft –son of Dale and Maddy (HI)
  6. Madeline “Maddy” Schoolcraft – former wife of Dale, mother of Ethan, daughter of Albert Victorine (VCL) (HI)
  7. Steve Schmidt – friend of Ted Bachelor, Jr. (S)
  8. Dr. Schmutzler – physician (S) (SP)
  9. Brenda Schumacher – elder daughter of Richard and Paulette Schumacher (S) (QMW)
  10. Jessica Schumacher – younger daughter of Richard and Paulette Schumacher, deaf mother of Derek Driscoll and companion to the boy’s father (S) (QMW)
  11. Paulette Schumacher – deaf wife of Richard, mother of Brenda and Jessica (S) (QMW) (DFT)
  12. Richard Schumacher – minister of Congregational Church (?), husband of Paulette, father of Brenda and Jessica (S) (QMW)
  13. Rollie Schuster – manager, T&V (RB)
  14. Murray Schwab – pharmaceutical salesman, lover of Linda T (DVB)
  15. Sean – friend of Ted Bachelor, Jr. (S)
  16. Loretta “Lori” Shaeffer – second girlfriend of Ted Bachelor, Jr. , mother of a daughter (S) (RB)
  17. Lori Shaeffer’s two brothers – pig farmers from Rose Township (S)
  18. Mrs. Shawcross – mother of Ricky who is a friend of Ted, Jr. (S)
  19. Ricky Shawcross – friend of Ted Bachelor, Jr. (S)
  20. Christopher Shedd’s mother – (S)
  21. Uncle Sheldon – uncle of Ellen Stahrenberger (CCT)
  22. Dr. Shipley – East Stanton Junction physician (S)
  23. Shirley – employee, Keezer’s Insurance (S)
  24. Mortie Siegel – clerk at Savage’s Hardware (S) (TAM) (WM)
  25. Caroline Silverstein – first wife of Harvey Silverstein (MM) (S) (WM)
  1. Dana Silverstein – Harvey Silverstein’s niece (S)
  2. Harvey Silverstein – attorney, married to Caroline and Jenny, father of daughter and son (MM) (S) (DLS) (MLFS) (S-S) (WM) (IW)
  3. Ruthie Silverstein – Harvey Silverstein’s aunt (S)
  4. Morey Simonian – longstanding ward of Marko and Mary Elizabeth Davis Devich (MLFS) (CU)
  5. Maiden Sisters – cooks, Ganaego Clay Works (WM)
  6. Pinky Small and his wife – neighbors of Nettie Bachelor’s, her mechanic (S) (TAM)
  7. Smitty – Ted Bachelor’s boss in mill (S)
  8. Smolin – employee, T&V (RB)
  9. Archibald Sook – franchise owner, 7-Eleven (S)
  10. Earl Sorensen – fellow worker of Llewelyn Thomas, Charley Rankin’s maternal grandfather (PRL)
  11. Mr. Sperrazza – social studies teacher and football coach, Anderson High (S)
  12. Jim Springer – foreman in blast furnace department (S) (CU) (TC) (A8)
  13. Mrs. Springer – wife of Jim, daughter of missionary, old woman for whom Trip Langford does handiwork (A8)
  14. Ellen Stahrenberger (nee Kaplan) – wife of Franz, mother of Jean, daughter of Avi and Gertie (CCT) (WFS) (HPR) (SS)
  15. Franz Stahrenberger – husband of Ellen, son of Julius and Margaret, father of Jean, instructor, Woodside College (S) (CCT) (WFS) (HPR) (MC) (SS)
  16. Jean Stahrenberger – son of Franz and Ellen, died in hazing incident (CCT) (WFS)
  17. Julius Stahrenberger – owner of Stahrenberger’s Chocolates, married to Margaret, father of Franz (CCT) (WFS) (MC)
  18. Margaret “Peg” Stahrenberger (nee Krause) – married to Julius, mother of Franz (CCT) (WFS) (MC)
  19. Mr. Stanley – neighbor of Audrey Bachelor’s when she was growing up (S)
  20. Stanley – Gina’s son, Angelo Nicolai’s nephew (DVB)
  21. Gas station attendant – Connecticut (WM)
  22. Aunt Stella – aunt of Ellen Stahrenberger (CCT)
  23. Henry Stellwagen – owner of Stellwagen’s (SGB) (A8)
  24. Sarah Stevens’ aunt – (S)
  1. Lloyd Stonestreet – high school acquaintance of Ted Bachelor (S)
  2. Mary Stookey – into whose dining room Little Willy Piquemal sailed in his coffin (S)
  3. Candy striper – East Stanton Junction Hospital (S)
  4. Linton Strobeck – owner of exterminator shop (MSS)
  5. Arthur Stubbs – husband of Pleasance (PLF) (SP)
  6. Pleasance Stubbs – wife of Arthur, teacher, Taft Elementary School, church organist, Ganaego First Congregational Church – (PLF) (QMW) (SP)
  7. Kevin Sweeney – coworker of Ted’s in mill, married to Philomela Milonas (S)
  8. Mr. T – father of Miranda, father-in-law of Angelo Nicolai, former Chief of Land Office (DVB)
  9. Giuseppe “Joe” Tambellini – costermonger and owner of fruit and vegetable shop (RG) (TAM) (S) (WM)
  10. Graystone Tanner – piano teacher (WM)
  11. Mr. Tattershaw – patron, Frederick Booth Memorial Library (DFT)
  12. Thanos – childhood tormentor of Bashir (CC)
  13. Devon Thomas – father of Packard (CCT)
  14. Llewelyn Thomas – Charley Rankin’s maternal grandfather (PRL)
  15. Miss Thomas – aunt of Packard Thomas (CCT)
  16. Packard Thomas – son of Devon, nephew of Miss Thomas, student, Woodside College (CCT) (WFS)
  17. Roseanne Thomas – aunt of Charley Rankin, sister of Charley’s mother (NTS)
  18. Tobias “Toby” – husband of Gina, father of Stanley (DVB)
  19. Nessenbaum triplets – childhood friends of Franz Stahrenberger (CCT) (WFS)
  20. Elroy Trout – Woodside College ’s emphysemic security guard (CCT)
  21. Miranda Tully – Angelo Nicolai’s wife (DVB)
  22. Mrs. Tumm – bereaved mother who writes Ganaego Clay Works (WM)
  23. Mr. Vanderhelm – father of Peter (SGB)
  24. Mrs. Vanderhelm – mother of Peter (SGB)
  25. Peter Vanderhelm – bartender, Rafferty’s (SGB)
  26. Vera – teacher at Taft Elementary (PLF)
  27. Albert Victorine – father of Maddy Schoolcraft, grandfather of Ethan, retiured Latin teacher (HI)
  1. Violet – wife of Brenner, friend of Paul, the lonely giant (LPC)
  2. Dr. Vossburg, Jr. – physician (SLDM) (HPR) (TC)
  3. Dr. Gustov Vossburg, Senior – physician (DVB) (TAM)
  4. Dr. Vossburg, Jr. – physician (DVB) (WM)
  5. Simon Wachterman – President and owner Corporate Sagacity Systems (NTS)
  6. Shelly Waldmann – Woodside student (CCT)
  7. Apollo Washington – employee, Welded Tube Department (S-S)
  8. Selena Washington – Assistant Director, Companion Health Community Residences (S)
  9. Harry Waterbury – founder of Waterbury Printery (MLFS)
  10. Alfred Wermer – bicycle shop owner (BS)
  11. Margaret Wermer – married to Alfred, mother of Rudi (BS)
  12. Rudi Wermer – son of Alfred and Margaret (BS)
  13. Whitey – tool keeper, Welded Tube Department (S-S)
  14. Dr. “Bunny” Wiesenfeld – physician (CCT) (VCL) (MM) (S-S)
  15. Mr. William J. Martin – teacher, Anderson High School, father of Rena (SS)
  16. Hoot Wilson and his wife and daughter and grandchildren – laborer in Blast Furnace Dept. (CU)
  17. Billy Winslow – childhood friend of Mr. Cowperwaithe (S)
  18. Rabbi Wirzburger – (CCT)
  19. Truman Withers, later Reverend Withers – (CCT) (SLDM)
  20. Tody Wolding – half-brother of Shelly, later her guardian, stepson of George Namarian (TD) (DLS) (MKC)
  21. Claire Woodside – Charlie’s sister, registrar, Woodside College (S) (CCT) (WFS)
  22. Phineas Woodside – founder, The Woodside Finishing School for the Social Graces, father of Zachary, grandfather of Charlie (CCT) (WFS)
  23. Pudge Woodside – son of Charlie, Dean, Academic Affairs (S) (CCT) (WFS)
  24. Zachary Woodside – son of Phineas, father of Charlie, former chancellor, Woodside College (CCT) (WFS)
  25. Gladys Wrenn – Ashport reporter for the Ganaego Bee (MLFS)
  26. Yusef – young boy, assistant to Alfred Wermer at his bicycle shop (BS)
  1. Charles “Charlie” Zacharias Woodside – third-generation owner of Woodside College, Chancellor (S) (CCT) (WFS)
  2. Dima Zimin – son of Fyodor and Raisa (OWH)
  3. Fyodor Zimin – owner of bicycle shop in N. Ganaego, husband of Raisa, father of Dima (OWH)
  4. Raisa Zimin – wife of Fyodor, mother of Dima (OWH)
  5. Debbie Zipperling – childhood friend of Ellen Stahrenberger (CCT)
  6. Helen Zobarskas – wife of Jonas, mother of Audrey (S) (S-S) (TAM)
  7. Jonas Zobarskas – retired millwright, married to Helen, father of Audrey (S) (TAM)
  8. Dr. Zommer – dentist (S)
  9. Eleanor Zurlo – wife of George, mother of Walter (RC)
  10. George B. Zurlo – husband of Eleanor, father of Walter (RC)
  11. Walter “Buster” Zurlo – son of George and Eleanor, noted clarinetist (RC) (WM)

2. Businesses

  1. Albrecht’s
  2. Avi’s RVs
  3. Aziz’s Pizzas
  4. Babineau Pianos
  5. Bob Evans
  6. Booth Steelworks (subsequently owned by two conglomerates)
  7. Briggs Hotel
  8. Broom’s Wigs and Natural Falls
  9. Burger King
  10. Butterworth’s Memorial Chapel
  11. Carroll Road Drive-In
  12. Chester’s Haberdashery
  13. Chick’s Chicken-in-the-Basket
  14. Companion Health
  15. Company Store
  16. Cornelius’ Haberdashery
  17. Corporate Sagacity Systems (New Jersey)
  18. Costello Real Estate
  19. Costello Bottling Plant
  20. Daily Citizen Chronicle
  21. Dairy Queen
  22. DeMasi’s Construction
  23. Doyleston Trust Company
  24. Dufresne’s Miniature Train and Toy Repertorium
  25. Egypt, Ganaego movie theater
  26. Federated Bridge Works
  27. Fischman’s Jewelry and Small Appliances
  28. Flipovich Mortuary
  29. Friedman’s Furniture
  30. Ganaego Clay Works
  31. G.C. Murphy’s
  32. Ganaego Art Supplies
  33. Ganaego National Bank and Trust, headquarters and Crocker Farms Branch
  34. Gleason’s English Shoes
  35. Goodyear’s
  36. Gromeka Heating & Ventilation
  37. Hearns’
  38. Hoover’s Mortuary
  39. Hotel Himmellsbach
  40. Isaly’s
  41. Julie Namar’s Ballet and Dance Studio
  42. Kapland’s Glass Works
  43. Kattlove’s Fabrics
  44. Kaufmann’s
  45. Keezer’s Insurance Agency
  46. Khederian Security
  47. Klitzman’s Dry Cleaners
  48. Kunz’s Tap
  49. Kupermann’s, delicatessen
  50. Land Office, semi-independent organization of Booth Steel Mill
  51. Lemuel’s Electrolysis and Hair Removal
  1. Littlewood’s Drugs and Prostheses (Wes and Wes, Jr.)
  2. Linton Strobeck, Exterminator
  3. Living Center
  4. Mario Cleaners
  5. McKinnon’s Mobil
  6. Milanovich’s Apothecary
  7. Milonas Greek Restuarant
  8. Milton’s Poulterers and Butchery
  9. Miss Herrick’s School for Ballet
  10. Nelsons’ Real Estate
  11. New Hope Inn
  12. Paulie’s Frozen Custard
  13. Payless Shoes
  14. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  15. Pitzele’s Pharmacy (Walt and Walt, Jr.)
  16. Pomeroy’s Animal World
  17. Priscilla’s Foundation Garments
  18. Radio Shack
  19. Rafferty’s
  20. Rapone’s Shoe Repair
  21. Ridgeport Toy Store
  22. Rudi’s, bar in South Ganaego
  23. Sabin’s Delicatessen
  24. Savage’s Hardware and Sporting Goods
  25. Sears, Roebuck
  26. Shea’s Music Emporium
  27. Singer Sewing Machines
  28. Sonny’s True Value
  29. Sprague Hollow Nursing Home and Retirement Center
  30. Stahrenberger’s Chocolates (before that, Krause’s)
  31. State Liquor Store
  32. Stellwagen’s Lounge
  33. Swifty’s Donuts
  34. Sydney’s Men’s Clothiers
  35. T&V Supermarket
  36. Tambellini’s Costermongers
  37. Tech-Mold
  38. The Ganaego Bee
  39. The Ganaego Roller Rink
  40. The Goose Family Spa
  41. The Little Cobbler’s
  42. The Mall and its shops
  43. The Mellow Tone Café
  44. The Modern Café
  45. The Onion Cart
  46. The VETS
  47. Thom McAn’s Shoes
  48. Tonnesdatter’s Furniture
  49. Two Wheels and a Dream
  50. Vacherweill’s
  51. Your Loving Daughter
  52. Waterbury Printery
  53. We Love Junk!
  54. Wendy’s

3. Institutions, Organizations, and Parks

  1. Ancient Order of the Hibernians
  2. Anderson Township High School
  3. Anderson Township Women’s Civic Association
  4. Donner’s Hollow
  5. East Stanton Junction Hospital
  6. Frederick Booth Memorial Library
  7. Frederick M. Gilvan School for the Mentally Retarded, South Kensington
  8. Ganaego First Congregational Church
  9. Ganaego High School
  10. Ganaego Hospital
  11. Ganaego Municipal Cemetery
  12. Ganaego Valley Community College
  13. German Club
  14. Green Horizons
  15. Lake Biddleford
  16. Lake Biddleford Players
  17. Lithuanian Club
  18. Mission
  19. Moorehead Military Prep
  20. Mount Calvary Zionist Baptist Church
  21. Oak Grove Music School
  22. Odd Fellows
  23. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, parochial school in Ashport
  1. Pickering Lane School, private school
  2. Pittsburgh Memorial Hospital
  3. Pittsburgh Pirates
  4. Pittsburgh Zoo
  5. Polish Club
  6. Presbyterian Church
  7. Public School Number One, North Ganaego’s sole public school
  8. Sarah E. Keating Health Center, Roxbury, MA
  9. Serbian Club
  10. St. Adolphus
  11. St. Elizabeth, church and parochial school in South Ganaego
  12. St. Stephens
  13. St. Ursula’s
  14. Sutton Hospital
  15. Taft Elementary School
  16. The Living Center
  17. Wilfred Hall Academy, Connecticut
  18. Woodside College (formerly The Woodside Finishing School for the Social Graces)
  19. Working Boys Park, South Ganaego

4. Towns and Other Communities

  1. Anderson Township
  2. Ashport
  3. Barrington
  4. Conneaut
  5. Creighton
  6. Cushing’s Landing
  7. Derby
  8. Earlport, WV
  9. East Stanton Junction
  10. Erie
  11. Fogarty Tain
  12. Ganaego
  13. Hanover
  1. Hurley’s Ferry
  2. New Glasgow
  3. North Ganaego
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Ridgeport
  6. Rose Township
  7. Schmidt’s Forge
  8. South Ganaego
  9. South Kensington
  10. Sutton
  11. Tolliston
  12. Union Township

5. Key to Cited Works

Novels and Story Collection

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  2. S Shutdown (novel)
  3. WM A Wilderness of Monkeys (novel)
  4. EG Elegy for Ganaego: The Decline of an American Town (stories)


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  2. BS The Bicycle Shop
  3. CC Calabash, Calabash!
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  6. CH Cradle Hymn
  7. DLS Dance of the Little Swans
  8. DFT Death in the Five and Ten
  9. DVB Dr. Vossburg’s Buick
  10. HPR The House on Pienza Road
  11. HI However Innocently, However Unwittingly
  12. INT Interlude
  13. IW Invisible Weaving
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  26. PTL Postlude
  27. PRL Prelude
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  29. RG Rags
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  41. WFS The Woodside Finishing School for the Social Graces