Robert McKean has written a wonderful novel about family relationships and the necessity of adjusting to life changes as we age.

A Review from Booksie's Blog

“Peter Sanguedolce is stuck and he knows it.  He also knows he needs to do something about it but isn’t sure what.  It seems like yesterday that he was the head of the business he inherited and brought back from the edge of poverty.  He was married to a woman he loved and had a daughter, Jeanette,  that he adored.  Then things went wrong.  The business failed during an economic downturn and he had to lay off all the workers, some of whom had worked there for decades.  His wife had an affair with her law partner and left Peter to marry him.  Now he only sees his daughter for proscribed periods and it seems that Elliot, the new husband, has more say about her than Peter does.  He still lives in his childhood home with the same furnishings he grew up with and tons of maintenance needed.”


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