Peter Sanguedolce swims in music

A playlist for Mending What Is Broken

“Peter Sanguedolce swims in music. He remembers his Nonno Franco—known all his life as Fatty—playing a tinny upright on the mezzanine of a pungent cigar factory. Fatty regaled his bored cigar-rollers with everything from Giuseppe Verdi to the Big Bopper. Peter’s Uncle Nico commanded the organ at the Ganaego Roller Rink, the subtlety of Nico’s lovely, lilting Strauss waltzes all-but lost on his colliding, ass-over-teakettle skaters…” READ MORE.

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"Mending What Is Broken, like all my novels, grew out of a short story. Although “The Teardown Party” was published and I thought myself done with it, the story was not done with me. First off, Peter Sanguedolce. Peter really intrigued me. He was unlike any other...

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Mending What Is Broken was born out of a short story about a man names Peter Sanguedolce. But Peter was too good to lose. He had more of a story to tell.  Listen to the backstory of how a short story evovled into a novel.More From the Blog